Happy Blogging! My Top 5 Blog Posts of 2014 and My Favorite 6

Inspired by Alice Keeler's Top 10 Blog Posts of 2014 ( I HIGHLY recommend you add her to your MVP list!), I decided to create a list too.

These posts had the most traffic in 2014:

1. "What is the Mindset of a Maker Educator?" Resources Mentioned in Edcamp Online, Oct 25

2. 1112 Great GOOGLE CLASSROOM Tutorials by Early Access Testers, July 25

3. 10 Popular Pinterest Boards for End-of-the-Year Classroom Activity Ideas, May 5

4. 5 Tech Tools, Innumerable Possibilities -- from the Hawaii #GafeSummit, Mar 29

5. 12 16 Resource Sites for Teaching and Learning With the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Jan 25

Judging from this list, readers found my curation posts the most useful, so-o-o-o, I will be writing more about my finds in 2015!

My 6 personal favorites are:

1. Our Library's Sixth Annual Keiki Christmas Storytelling Hour -- A Winter Wonderland of Fun!, Dec 24 ( FUN! )

2. How to Password Protect a Google Form -- a Quick-Start Visual for Download, Dec 6 ( So useful! )

3. How to Schedule Appointments with Google Forms Add-On Choice Eliminator, A Tutorial by Sean Junkins, Oct 25 ( Useful as well! )

4. 4 Things I Learned from Maui's First Student-Led TEDxYouth Event, Apr 30 ( Heartfelt! )

5. 5 Tech Tools, Innumerable Possibilities -- from the Hawaii #GafeSummit, Mar 29 ( Fantastic event! )

6. For #WRAD14, A Hangout with Matthew Winner & A Student Who Didn't Learn to Read Until She Was 10, Feb 26 ( Two inspiring human beings! )

I love to learn and share (me and a million other educators)! And I've found blogging to be just the ticket -- for myself, and for others who drop in to visit my blog ( Thank you! ).

If you're thinking of blogging, JUST START!

Happy blogging!


Yes, there are quite a few exclamation marks in this post. It's an exclamation mark k!nd of day!