School Librarians: Consider Applying to Present at the Research Relevance Colloquium

Dear school librarians,

Have a research experience you want to share? +Tasha Bergson-Michelson and +Jole Seroff are looking for proposals for their Research Relevance Colloquium, to be held before the ALA Conference in June.

The Research Relevance website has a partial wish list of the kind of proposals Tasha and Jole are looking for:

+Debbie Abilock and +Kristin Fontichiaro will be offering insights at the colloquium, and Tasha and Jole will be presenting as well. 

Tasha and Jole came on Google Rocks! Hawaii to talk about research and their project. Here are some of my takeaways:

•Jole summarized what the Research Colloquium will be about: "What are the key skills for us to be teaching, thinking about our students who are actively learning in the 21st century, in a very different environment from that in which most of us were trained to teach information skills? We're looking for best practices for teaching and the most critical skills for our students in their futures."

•Reference was made to the book Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman, with slow thinking as a good metaphor for research.

•We want kids to ask good questions, rather than just locating proof.

•Here are two hashtags to explore: #tacitresearch and #researchrelevance (official hashtag of the colloquium)

•We shouldn't be a victim of our tools. Our tools should empower us.

For more thought-provoking specifics about teaching research, check out the rich discussion:

The deadline for proposals is December 15. Consider applying!

More information about the Colloquium is forthcoming. Bookmark the website!

Happy researching ...