Four #GR8Finds #ThisWeek -- Humility in Leadership, a Chromebook Guide, Globalized Classroom Resources for 2015, & Global Top 12 Teacher Blogs to Follow

Jan 9, 2015

#ThisWeek's #GR8Finds are exceptional IMO!

1. Ha'aha'a, the value of humility.

"We readily think of Ha‘aha‘a, humility, in servant leadership, when it’s actually in all leadership." From Rosa Say, "Managing with Aloha, Bringing Universal Hawaii's values to the Art of Business." 

Humility is everything.

2. A One-Stop Chromebook Shop: Resource Guide for Educators

An extremely useful resource created by +Jennifer Scheffer.

3. The Globalized Classroom: 18 Key Resources for 2015

A plethora of great places to explore.

4. The Global Search for Education: Our Global Top 12 Teacher Blogs from Huffington Post

More interesting people to follow. :)

I hope you find #ThisWeek's #GR8Finds useful, and have fun learning!