Over-the-Top Keynote by an Over-the-Top Teacher: Stephen Ritz at #KSEdTech

The Kamehameha EdTech Conference folks ALWAYS find the best keynote speakers. Mahalo!

This year's Hana Pono Conference started off totally over the top, with science teacher extraordinaire Stephen Ritz.

Learn all about Stephen's amazing story at stevenritz.com

Read about his nomination for the $1 Million Worldwide Teaching Prize (he got to meet Pope Francis!).

Watch his two TedTalks: 
Green Bronx Machine -- growing our way into a new economy: Stephen Ritz at TEDxManhattan 
A Teacher growing green in the South Bronx

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Meet Stephen Ritz and Green Bronx Machine:

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The Storify embedded below (50+ tweets) will help you understand why so many of us who attended Stephen's keynote are inspired to think and act. (See the original story at Storify here.)

Mahalo to the tweeters who documented some of Stephen's thoughts. There was so much, so fast, so heartful, so thrilling, so inspiring!

I'll be spending a lot more time in my little garden this summer, pondering Stephen's challenge to change the world: "Put a seed in the ground. It's that simple." 

How would this work in my garden, my life, at my school, and on my island? I'll be thinking about it a lot. ... And yes, I will come up with a plan!

Mahalo Stephen! You are a gift to us all.

¡Si se puede! (Green Bronx Machine motto)