5 #GR8Finds #ThisWeek at #KSUncon and #KSEdTech Conference 06.14.15

I learned A LOT at the 2015 Kamehameha EdTech Conference and the #KSUncon! Reconnected with a lot of cool Hawaii educators, and met a few new cool ones. It was awesome!

Here are 5 #GR8Finds to report:

1. Free Online Learning at GCFLearnFree from GoodWill. A plethora of tutorials that are easy to follow. H/T +Tomoko Yokooji

2. Wonderopolis. H/T Rachelle GalangLearning can be fun!

3. I already blogged about science teacher Stephen Ritz's keynote → Over-the-Top KeyNote by an Over-the-Top Teacher. So inspiring!

Check out this Green Bronx Machine teaser.

4. We LAUGHED throughout Destin Sandlin's keynote, 

with Destin's serious charge to "See the World Differently". 

I subscribed to his +SmarterEveryDay YouTube Channel that's putting his kids through college -- a great success story!

Here's the Backwards Bicycle Video that went viral.

5. I learned how to make a Scribblebot at +Michelle Carlson Colte and +Rachel Armstrong's "Become a Maker" session. Check out their presentation here.  

My Scribblebot 

was definitely not as good as 

Celeste's Scribblebot 

See instructions to make your own Scribble Machine from Instructables here.

Mahalo again to the @KSEdTech folks who planned Hana Pono and #KSUncon