13 Study Tips for Middle School Students, from my 13 Advisees

Coloring while we chat

Our student advisory group gets together about once a week, and last week we talked about Study Tips.

Here are 13 tips my group shared:

1. Have your parents time you while you do your homework.

2. Find a partner to quiz with.

3. Try not to cram for tests the night before.

4. Try chewing gum, music, and energy drinks to help you think.

5. Turn off your devices so you won't be distracted.

6. Isolate yourself in your room.

7. Don't overstress about your tests. Always assume you're going to do well.

8. Use an object to help you remember.

9. Do your hard subjects first.

10. Do first the homework you know will take you less time.

11. Do your homework the day you get it.

12. Think of rhymes to help you remember facts.

13. Make up a bunch of questions and then test yourself.

My advisees came up with a great list, I think. Got anything to add?