An updated school library mission statement to reflect our updated program!

Just added a third part to our library's mission statement, to reflect our updated program:

Our Library's Mission:
1. to assist students in becoming more effective, ethical users and creators of information; (existing)
2. to foster reading as a life-enhancing skill and pleasure; (existing)
3. to encourage and support exploration, collaboration, and creativity. (new)

This makes official the direction in which we've been heading for the last couple of years, with our fledgling Maker, #TechTalk, and #Unplugged programs.

It feels good to have an updated mission statement that accurately reflects what is happening in our library!


Explaining Scary News to Our Kids -- 2 Posts and a Video I'm Sharing With our Faculty

Dear Faculty,

I stumbled on a short opinion article I thought you might find useful: Explaining the News to Our Kids. It's from Common Sense Media, a website I highly recommend. 

Here's another article from Time: How to Talk to Your Kids About the Attacks in Paris

And "out of the mouths of babes", this article: ‘There’s bad guys, daddy’, and the video:


Forced to Copy a Google Doc, Spreadsheet or Slide? Preview it First!

+Kasey Bell tells us in great detail how to Force Users to Make a Copy of a Google Doc! here. Simply replace "edit" at the end of the URL with "copy". 

Most of the time I like to look at a document before I copy it. So I simply reverse the process when the "Copy Document" request pops up.

Here's a "Copy document" screenshot from Shannon Long's tutorial in her blog technology rocks. seriously (great title!).

Changing "copy" to "edit" creates a "View only" version, not an editable version as one might think. 

Obvious? Sometimes the obvious looks me right in the face for a very long time. :) Thought I'd share this little tip with those of you who also sometimes overlook the obvious. 

◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ 

On this Veterans Day, I would like to extend a sincere Thank You to all of the men and women who served or are still serving our country!


Let's Teach Social Media Learning Literacy in the Classroom -- A Hand-Picked Collection of Resources

presented at the Schools of the Future Conference yesterday and thought more educators might find this hand-picked collection of links useful.