Trying Out Twitter's New 'Embed This Tweet' Feature

Twitter is s-l-o-w-l-y rolling out "Embed This Tweet". I have 4 (no, that is NOT a typo) accounts, and only one of them is embed-enabled as of today.

I was dying to try out this interesting new feature! I didn't have to wait long for a tweet to come along that I found worthy of embed status for myself.

I have another similar tweet from @justinstoned (thank you, Justin) but adding that one to this post would be too vain of me, I think :)

I replied to Allan:

The article mentioned below (which I had to embed in a tweet, of course) gives several reasons why you might want to embed a tweet. And it takes you step-by-step visually through the embedding procedure.

If all you need is a hurry-up how-to, these instructions are for you:

When you find the tweet you want to embed,
1) Click on Open (to the right)
2) Click on Details (after the date, doesn't appear to be a link until you hover over it)
3) Click on Embed this Tweet (after the date, also doesn't appear to be a link)
4) Copy HTML code and paste into your blog/website.
Voilà! That's all there is to it. Now you have a tweet to use for promotional purposes, to add visual interest, or in my case here, to keep as a memento.


P. S. Caveat for Blogger users: when I switched to 'Compose' as I was editing, the embedding format disappeared. Not sure if this is a temporary glitch, but I recommend staying in 'Edit HTML' mode to be safe.

Mom was right, posture IS important! When you're working at your computer, it's all about balance ....

How did they do that?

Okay, I agree that the music is not the best, but this is such a clever reminder, no words needed!

(via Free Technology for Teachers and Dominiqu De Guchtenaere)

The end reminds us that balance in our lives is important as well. ... :)