Trying Out Twitter's New 'Embed This Tweet' Feature

Twitter is s-l-o-w-l-y rolling out "Embed This Tweet". I have 4 (no, that is NOT a typo) accounts, and only one of them is embed-enabled as of today.

I was dying to try out this interesting new feature! I didn't have to wait long for a tweet to come along that I found worthy of embed status for myself.

I have another similar tweet from @justinstoned (thank you, Justin) but adding that one to this post would be too vain of me, I think :)

I replied to Allan:

The article mentioned below (which I had to embed in a tweet, of course) gives several reasons why you might want to embed a tweet. And it takes you step-by-step visually through the embedding procedure.

If all you need is a hurry-up how-to, these instructions are for you:

When you find the tweet you want to embed,
1) Click on Open (to the right)
2) Click on Details (after the date, doesn't appear to be a link until you hover over it)
3) Click on Embed this Tweet (after the date, also doesn't appear to be a link)
4) Copy HTML code and paste into your blog/website.
Voilà! That's all there is to it. Now you have a tweet to use for promotional purposes, to add visual interest, or in my case here, to keep as a memento.


P. S. Caveat for Blogger users: when I switched to 'Compose' as I was editing, the embedding format disappeared. Not sure if this is a temporary glitch, but I recommend staying in 'Edit HTML' mode to be safe.