10+ Twitter Educational Hashtags I Recommend to Student Curators

JD has just started sharing apps and links that she thinks our teachers and her fellow students could use for their work. She created a Twitter account and a blog (JD's Picks) to share her finds.

Yes, she does this for fun!

JD asked me what I think are the best hashtags to include in her tweets to (1) categorize her tweets and to (2) share her tweets beyond our school community.

These are the hashtags I recommend to JD, and to any other student curator interested in utilizing Twitter to its fullest.
1. #edchat - wildly popular hashtag that covers just about everything educational

2. #edtech - anything to do with using technology in the classroom
The disciplines:
3. #scichat
4. #mathchat
5. #engchat
6. #sschat - history and social science teachers and students
7. #artsed
8. #languages
9. #elearning - anything to do with online education

10. #mlearning - the use of mobile devices in the classroom
Additionally, I'm recommending these two hashtags specifically for JD:
11. #ipaded - use of the iPad in the classroom (she has an iPad2 which she uses for most of her school work)
12. #DoGood - for self-improvement and to help others (a topic in which JD has expressed interest)
Other student curators will discover their own special interest hashtags, as they explore the riches of Twitter.

  ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊ ◊

I invite you to follow JD on Twitter to keep up with her latest finds and to subscribe to her blog JD's Picks to read about her picks in more detail.


P. S. We're very happy to be the beneficiaries of JD's love of learning and sharing!

How to Create a Searchable, Publishable, Permanent COMPLETE Archive of Your Tweets using TwimeMachine & Evernote

(Student) "You tweeted about it, don't you remember?"

(Me) "Uh, no ..."

This happens to me often! I use Twitter every day to find resources for our teachers and students, and I have trouble remembering my older tweets and even more trouble tracking them down.

I'm still looking for an all-in-one *Magical App* that will automatically archive all of my tweets, not just my favorites. The archive has to be searchable, publishable, and permanent.

Until someone programs that magical app, I've devised a satisfactory solution for myself, courtesy of TwimeMachine and Evernote. Maybe others will find my solution useful.

First, a few descriptive detaile about TwimeMachine:
•You must sign in to your Twitter account to use TwimeMachine.
•TwimeMachine automatically archives users' tweets, but it doesn't archive hashtags or keywords.
•You can access other users' tweets too.
•The TwimeMachine listing contains a direct link back to the original tweet. (a great feature!)
•TwimeMachine archives only up to 3200 tweets. The oldest ones disappear.
•You can browse page-by-page, but you can't search the entire archive.
Bottom line: TwimeMachine is great for archiving and linking to all of your original tweets.

Enter Evernote to the rescue to add searchability, publishability, and permanence.

You can transfer your TwimeMachine tweets to a single Evernote note, making it completely searchable (using Command-F or Control-F). You can decide on the frequency of transfers, depending on your personal requirements. It takes only a few seconds to copy and paste.

And since Evernote notes can be published using a URL, you can publish your entire Tweet history on the web via your website, blog, newsletter, etc.

Here's a 3-minute how-to tutorial I created to explain the transfer procedure:

Do you know of a better, easier way to create a searchable, publishable, permanent complete archive of your tweets? If so, I'd love to hear about it.


P. S. Are there any *Magical App* programmers out there?