10 Google+ Communities I'm Recommending to Our Faculty

Here are ten Google+ communities I'll be recommending that our teachers check out.

1. STEM on Google+ - "Feel free to post into the appropriate section by selecting from the drop-down 'share' menu."(8399 members as of 1/25/13)

2. Music Producers - Gear, Techniques, Tips, Tricks & Advice (258 members as of 1/25/13)

3. Film Professionals Network - Community of filmmakers from all parts of the world (203 members, 1/25/13)

4. Mathematics - A community of mathematicians, students, and mathematics enthusiasts (23,424, 1/25/13)

5. Science on G+ - "About Science! All of it from Biology to Robotics to Space exploration!" (30557, 1/27/13)

6. School Technology Leadership - "This is an open space for anyone who's interested in effective technology leadership in P-12 schools. Please share widely and contribute as desired!" (633, 1/27/13)

7. Animal Lovers (33038, 1/27/13)

8. The Global Education Conference and Network - "For educators interested in connecting their classrooms to the world." (235, 1/27/13)

9. MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses. "A community of learners, for learners, by learners. A place to talk, share, and discover the best free online courses." (771, 1/27/13)

10. Google Apps for Education - "Education in the 21st Century!" (1857, 1/27/13)

I'll be adding more here as an addendum to my What Can You DO with Google+ Hangouts? website.

You, of course, will have your own choices. But perhaps some of these will end up on your list.

Check them out!


You'll Never Print Again -- Love this infographic!

Love this infographic, sent to me by Allison of Education News!

The data comes from an infographic in the Digital Reader, and that infographic's data comes from Student Monitor.

I recommend our students always check the sources of an infographic to determine its authority before they look at it.  I pronounce this one a keeper.

The chart is geared for college students and adults, especially the price comparison reference to Grey Goose. The inclusion of this particular data would be a great opening for a discussion with my students about choosing data to match their target audience.

Thanks, Allison, for this creative commons gem that you helped create. I'll be sharing it freely.

Decline of Paper Infographic 
Never Print again, from educationnews.org

(◕‿◕) @mauilibrarian2