10 Google+ Communities I'm Recommending to Our Faculty

Here are ten Google+ communities I'll be recommending that our teachers check out.

1. STEM on Google+ - "Feel free to post into the appropriate section by selecting from the drop-down 'share' menu."(8399 members as of 1/25/13)

2. Music Producers - Gear, Techniques, Tips, Tricks & Advice (258 members as of 1/25/13)

3. Film Professionals Network - Community of filmmakers from all parts of the world (203 members, 1/25/13)

4. Mathematics - A community of mathematicians, students, and mathematics enthusiasts (23,424, 1/25/13)

5. Science on G+ - "About Science! All of it from Biology to Robotics to Space exploration!" (30557, 1/27/13)

6. School Technology Leadership - "This is an open space for anyone who's interested in effective technology leadership in P-12 schools. Please share widely and contribute as desired!" (633, 1/27/13)

7. Animal Lovers (33038, 1/27/13)

8. The Global Education Conference and Network - "For educators interested in connecting their classrooms to the world." (235, 1/27/13)

9. MOOC - Massive Open Online Courses. "A community of learners, for learners, by learners. A place to talk, share, and discover the best free online courses." (771, 1/27/13)

10. Google Apps for Education - "Education in the 21st Century!" (1857, 1/27/13)

I'll be adding more here as an addendum to my What Can You DO with Google+ Hangouts? website.

You, of course, will have your own choices. But perhaps some of these will end up on your list.

Check them out!