Dear Santa Google, All I Want for Christmas is Google Reader Back

Dear Santa Google,

Is there anything we can say or do to change your mind?

Christmas in July! -- Now wouldn't it be something if on July 1st, instead of closing Google Reader, you announced that you will continue to support it? I know it's not a total pipe dream because you listened to the people and kept Appointment Slots.

Please don't be swayed by those who have no clue as to what the fuss is all about. 
"Get over it." they murmur. Insensitive. 
"You'll adjust." they say. I don't want to adjust. 
"Change is inevitable -- get used to it." Change is a constant in the edtech world. I am very used to change. 
"That is so last week." Ummm, as if devastated has a time limit?

Santa Google, what would it take to convince you to keep Reader?

Have you seen the articles? This one (which I found on Google Reader) is my favorite:

What about the petitions?
I'm guessing that if you yourself decided to set up an official spot for individuals to persuade you to keep Google Reader, that spot would be flooded with responses.

Won't you please please reconsider?

(◕‿◕ ) 

P. S. I will always be your undying fan. :)