Recommended Watch: "How Social Intelligence Influences Your Social Media"

Watched this Google+ hangout with Martin Shervington and TheGoToMom Kimberley Blaine and thought it was too good not to share. 

Solid advice that is helpful in real life as well. :)



7 Ways to Follow STEMxCon Sept. 19-21, 2013

There's a way to follow the first online GLOBAL STEMx EDUCATION CONFERENCE for everyone!

First, why the x?
"The Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics acronym is no longer adequate, as it is missing well over 20 letters that represent key skills & disciplines. As such, x = Computer Science (CS), Computational Thinking (CT), Inquiry (I), Creativity & Innovation (CI), Global Fluency (GF), Collaboration ( C ), ...and other emerging disciplines & 21st century skills."
The online conference, free of charge, will be held round-the-clock starting September 19 at 11am PST and ending on September 21, at 2pm PST.

Here are seven ways to keep up with STEMxcon. If you're like me, you'll be checking out more than one option.

1. First of all, you're going to want to add the STEMx calendar to your Google calendar. The offerings are quite varied, with several keynotes.

Go to → click on Google Calendar at the lower right → Add to calendar.

2. If you want to join in the conversation and be in the thick of things, sign up to chat on the STEMxcon site.

3. Love up-to-the-minute thoughts and reactions to the presentations? Follow @stemxcon on Twitter and/or follow the hashtag #stemx13. TweetChat is a nice way to follow. No sign-in necessary.

If you prefer Twitter highlights, Stem News and Beyond curates tweets in newspaper format.

4. Are you a Facebook fan? Like STEMxCon on Facebook. More than 17,000 have liked the page so far.

5. Love sharing resources via social bookmarking? Apply to join the STEMxCON Diigo group

6. You can follow GLOBAL STEMx EDUCATION CONFERENCE on Pinterest.

Pinterest is my personal favorite because the pins are specially picked and tend to be the crème de la crème resources. Also, the collection of resources will continue to grow after the conference is over. Best of all, I'lI be able to browse through the boards at my leisure.

7. I'm surprised that there's very little on Google+ at the moment, other than a few announcements about the conference. I'm hoping the hashtag #stemx13 will turn up on the network, come September 19.

Whichever way you choose to follow the GLOBAL STEMx EDUCATION CONFERENCE, don't miss this chance to participate!

Update: Thanks to Michael Fricano II for adding Tagboard as a way of following several social networks at once, using the hashtag #stemx13, and for noting that recorded sessions will be available after the conference. Perhaps they'll be accessible via Pinterest. Now that would be ideal for me. :)


P. S. If you're up to watching a little group of Hawaii educators sharing our thoughts on the upcoming conference and STEM in general, check out our very informal weekly Hangout on Air held Tuesday, September 17. (There's a neat little ukulele bit at the end - thanks, Chad Nacapuy)

TL News Night -- A Live News Show for Teacher Librarians -- I'm In!

Saw Matthew Winner's Google + post this morning and thought to myself, now THIS is something my fellow teacher-librarians will love! A live news show just for us!

Anchors along with Matthew will be Michelle Cooper, Elissa Malespina, Shannon Miller,  and Sue Levine. A stellar group!

Be sure to mark your calendar for September 23, 8pm EST (2pm HST) and every third Monday of the month!

Here's the direct link to the TL News Night event: The live feed will be embedded on the page shortly before the event begins.

Me? I can't wait!

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Plussers that Pin and Vice Versa, shared by Peg Fitzpatrick

This is my second Google+ embedded post, and what a rich resource this post is for Google plussers who love Pinterest!

Social media marketer Peg Fitzpatrick shares Pinterest Power Users also on Google+ by Stephan Hovnavian, with a shared circle.

I'll be looking for lists like this that feature Educators on Google+.


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A Hangout On Air about The Flipped Classroom ~ Hawaii Style and Time

A little group of Hawaii educators held a Hangout on Air about The Flipped Classroom last evening.

It was fun!

We're very casual about the way we pick each week's theme. It usually happens while we debrief after a hangout. Anne Torige suggested the flipped classroom, for instance, because she was interested in learning more about it.

This HOA was our fourth, and also a first for our little group: we had a special guest.

I had invited Mitch Krulewich, a new teacher at our school, to talk about how he flips his math classroom.

Mitch follows the flipped learning model closely and he's very happy with the results. What a robust discussion we had!

I especially enjoyed hearing about Mitch's philosophy about sharing his Vimeo tutorials (generous) and his take on the value of tutorials created by the teacher (his students report: more beneficial) [starting at 14:48].

The only glitch was that Mitch could not get his video to work. Luckily, his audio was podcast clear.

We also did our customary "Show and Tell" round of sharing on the theme.
Here are our notes ( on the links we shared, and included are some links we've found since. Mahalo to Chad for adding great notes of Mitch's presentation.

Here's the embedded Google+ post (another first since Google just added this neat feature) of the Hangout on Air.

Our HOAs occur when most U.S. residents are sleeping!

... which brings me to the great story behind this Flipped Classroom HOA.

This tweet yesterday morning caught the attention of Jon Bergmann, one of the pioneers of flipped learning:

His reply?

Long story short [20:34], ALAS, it would be too late for Jon on the East Coast, of course. 1:00 a.m., to be exact.

I'm astonished that Jon would even consider joining our little HOA. What a hangout that would have been!

We are seriously thinking of holding our HOAs earlier in the day or on the weekend to accommodate special guests in different time zone! And how about hanging out outside, with a little Hawaiian-style background? Now there's an idea... :)

We are definitely Hawaii casual in our hangout approach. We have no glitzy intro for instance, we can improve the quality of our video, and we're learning as we go along. But we're professional and serious about sharing what we learn with other educators.

And best of all, we're having fun with it!

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Next week, we'll be sharing our anticipatory impressions of the upcoming Global STEMx Education Conference. Thanks for the suggestion, Mike!

Conference co-chairs are Lucy Gray, Steve Hargadon, and Jim Vanides, so the conference is sure to be a winner. The event will be totally online, round-the-clock, September 19-21, 2013.

Since the name of our HOA is Google Rocks! and I want to keep that title, I'll be looking for Google connections throughout the conference.

If you're interested in watching us live, check out Live Hangouts on Air on Tuesday, September 17, 2013 at around 7:00 pm HST.

Or if you'd like to view later, you can look for the uploaded YouTube video shortly after, assuming the recording goes well, here.

Have fun with it!

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Online Learning - Myths and Realities -- an article, an interactive report card, and the full report

Came across this fascinating article by Edudemic this morning:

Here's the extremely cool interactive Report Card (which might take a little while to load)

Check out the full report: 2012 Digital Learning Report Card.

Getting Smart adds the backstory behind the infographic.

Definitely food for thought.

What's your experience with online learning? I'm especially interested in online learning in the K-12 setting.

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