Four #GR8Finds #ThisWeek -- Nurph, Programming Languages, Google Classroom, and #TheDress

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February 27

Four goodies this week, and a nice variety!

1. Nurph: A Twitter Chat Moderator's Dream Come True!

This is a great testimonial from +Nikki D Robertson (I agree!), with graphics.

2. List of programming languages

I had no idea there were so many!

Genealogical tree of programming languages

3. Google Classroom: New Treats for Teachers and Students

I'm a strong believer in getting the scoop from the source. I recommend adding Google for Education's blog to your must-read stream.

and be sure to check out Google for Education's Google+ community as well.

4. What colour is #TheDress? 

Here's how the argument started yesterday, and yes, our students argued vigorously about it today.

Here's an explanation from asapScience (BTW the dress is blue and black):

And this is what visual neuroscientist at Scientific American (and Seabury Hall alumnus) Stephen L. Macknik has to say about the phenomenon: Why Julianne Moore and Taylor Swift See That Dress Differently.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!