Five #GR8Finds #ThisWeek 3.6.15 -- Chrome, Google, Cyberbullying, Empathy, & Paying It Forward

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March 6

Five #Gr8Finds to share #ThisWeek!

1. 50 of the Best Chrome Extensions for Teachers, courtesy of +Joquetta Johnson and +TeachThought.

The content is superb, and the visual display is fantastic! I'll be consulting this resource for my presentation at the GAFE Hawaii Summit in a couple of weeks.

2. Register for Google Education on Air, May 8 and 9 (it's FREE) (h/t +Kasey Bell )

If you can't make it live, everything will be recorded. But be sure to register so you're in the loop.

3. A concerned Dad created this cyberbullying app. What do you think?

(I like it.)

4. A Not Perfect Hat Club. 

I absolutely love this idea! #empathy

5. Pay it forward in a seemingly small way. 

This man is my hero.

I hope your weekend is restful and regenerating, and that springing forward on Sunday, if it applies, goes smoothly. (We don't have a time change here in Hawaii.)

But we do have snow, even on Maui. Perhaps not as impressive, but snow nonetheless.