5 #GR8Finds #ThisWeek 03.20.15 - What to Assess? Library of Congress on Pinterest, An Adult Coloring Book, A School Librarians Advocacy Video, and Who's Tracking Your Emails?

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March 20, 2015

A wonderful variety of goodies this week!

1. Personal qualities not measured by tests #sylvianote

2. Library of Congress celebrating "Women's History Month" on Pinterest. 

Library of Congress on Pinterest, with 32 boards and 790 pins (follow) -- pretty cool!

3. A coloring book for adults! 

Meet The Woman Who Sold A Million Copies Of Her Coloring Books For Adults -- the article

Johanna Basford's website 

See her Instagram account below.


4. A school librarian advocacy video from the New Jersey Association of School Librarians, worth watching.

5. A clever way to see who's tracking your emails
Got Chrome extensions on my mind for my Google for Education presentation tomorrow. 

Enjoy your weekend!