Five #GR8Finds #This Week 3.13.15 -- #Googleonthebrain: Calendar, CFO Resignation, Search Ranking, Red Alert, and a Conference

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--my own crème de la crème curation. Generally, three to five 

March 13, 2015

I did not intentionally aim for this list to be exclusively Google.  The first three presented themselves, #4 was in today's Maui News, and yes, I am so looking forward to the +EdTechTeam Google For Education Hawaii Summit next week!

1. Introducing Google Calendar on iPhone

Wired says "Finally!" and MacWorld weighs in.

2. Google's Chief Financial Officer +Patrick Pichette Resigning

This unusual farewell touched my heart and made me look at my own priorities.

3. The huge implications of Google’s idea to rank sites based on their accuracy

This op-ed from the Washington Post Energy and Environment department caught my attention.

Here's Google official page on how search works.

4. Red alert: Google's safe browsing system targets 'unwanted software'

Love it!

5. Google for Education Hawaii Summit, March 20 - 21

Sooo looking forward to this conference!

Happy Spring Break for those of you who have one!