How about those (33) Chrome extensions! A Google Sheet, a Thinglink, and 4 Observations (my preso at the 2015 Hawaii GAFE Summit)

I'm happy to share my research on Chrome extensions for my presentation at Hawaii's Third Google for Education Summit this weekend!
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Check out the QUICKVIEW Spreadsheet of the 33 Chrome extensions I picked, with the following info:
  • Who developed the extension?
  • Why for school? (color-coded)
  • Ratings as of March 19, 2015
  • Similar 4+ extensions to try (in progress, please recommend)
Click here to get to the spreadsheet.

Feel free to share the Thinglink collage below. Hover over the color-coded tags to get a description of the extension, mostly copied and pasted from the description in the CWS, but some with personal notes.

Here's the color code key of the Thinglink tags and the spreadsheet: 

blue = assistive (10) 
black = productivity (11)
yellow = creativity (4)
red = communication, sharing (6)
green = balance, health (2) (okay I know I need more in this category . Suggest some!)

Click here to share Thinglink link (say "Thinglink link" 10x fast, I dare you ).

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1. I would  for the Chrome Web Store people to consider adding the date the extension was uploaded. This would help extension shoppers interpret the numbers much better, I think.

2. This was the first time I presented without a slide presentation (scary). Instead, I used OneTab. The link leads to the share. OneTab is an extension, of course 

3. I was pleasantly surprised to see other Summit presenters using the URL shortener. It's definitely my favorite. There's a Chrome extension for it, naturally.

4. I was thrilled to hear two mentions of Chrome extensions on my list of 33, at the Summit. (I'm sure there were others)

Last Pass was Matt North's contribution to the Demo Slam

 And (#SuperEduStar) +Jennie Magiera mentioned KeyRocket in her "Find Extra Hours in Your Week" session.

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I'll be writing at least two more articles about the Summit itself (awesome, as usual!). One will be my impressions, and the other will be about new tools, just as I did last year [ impressions 2014 | tools 2014 ] . Stay tuned!