Maui Author Toby Neal Visited Our School!

Maui author Toby Neal's visit to our school was all I hoped for and more!

Just got done speaking at Seabury Hall to a hundred or so students on "developing creativity." Yes, some yawns occurred,...
Posted by Toby Neal on Monday, April 20, 2015

Here's how I introduced Toby:

Author Toby Neal was raised on the island of Kauai, and now lives on Maui.
She has written 9 books for adults in the "Lei Crime" series, which has sold 1/2 million copies worldwide. The books follow policewoman Lei Texeira as she solves crimes around the state.
Toby is one of the most successful self-published authors in the state. She sells most of her books through Amazon and Hawaii Business Magazine has called her "Hawaii's Amazon queen".
Toby is in private practice as a mental health therapist, so her well-drawn, complex characters in her books reflect her keen understanding of what makes people tick.
Toby has just written Island Fire, which is her first Young Adult novel. It's a post-technology adventure set on the island of Lanai.
It happens to be on sale on Amazon for 99 cents until April 28, so if you don't win a copy in our drawing today, you might want to download a copy. It's a great read! Toby is planning more in the series.

Toby's talk on "Developing Your Creativity" in our Creative Arts Center to over a 100 students was thought-provoking! (I learned that it's okay to be bored to allow for creativity to come in.)

Afterwards, Toby met with our Middle School Book Clubbers and others in our Hawaiian Studies Room.

Toby read to us from Island Fire ...

and answered questions. 

Q and A
Posted by Toby Neal on Monday, April 20, 2015

I loved this intimate venue! (And the chocolate chip funfetti cookies passed inspection )

What a special opportunity for our students!

Thank you so much, Toby!

P. S. And about Island Fire? Highly recommended !


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