3 #GR8Finds #ThisWeek 04.24.15 -- How to embed a tweet into a blog post, Thinglink as a curation and app smashing tool, Digital Compass from Common Sense Media

Whew! This week was an extra busy one! The week started with Maui author @Toby Neal's visit to our school (spectacular) and ended with a field trip to Celebrate Reading Maui (Author Lois Yamanaka is real), with a couple of EdTalks in between.

But I still found time to treasure hunt, of course!

I have 3 #GR8Finds for you this week.

1. How to Embed a Tweet into a Blog Post. A friend asked about how I embedded tweets in my post on digital citizenship. Coincidentally, +Richard Byrne came up with the answer!

2. Thinglink as a curation and app smashing tool.

3. Digital Compass, a digital citizenship game from Common Sense Media, coming soon. 

Digital Compass Intro...Coming soon. 
from Common Sense Media on Vimeo.

Looks promising!

h/t +Michael Fricano II 

Maui teaser: 5 #GR8Shots #MauiKaOi for today