10 Google Slams ala MISO -- A Slide Deck to Share

Sometimes things don't turn out as expected, and that's okay!

I had to go to Plan B for my Google Demo Slam session at the recent 2015 Maui Independent School Organization conference. Everyone who attended my session came to learn. No one responded to my Google form here, and no one in the room was ready to slam except me. (It happens. )

Plan B: I hand-picked 10 new or new-to-me Google Tips and Tricks I felt sure would impress, and I slammed away (with some help from +Eric Curts and +Trevor Beck -- see below). 

It was fun!

Participants used a Google form to rate the slams, from Meh (1) to Impressive! (10). Check out the form I created HERE and feel free to duplicate the form HERE.

Which slam won out? Google Classroom and Google's Answer Box tied, with Voice Typing in Google Docs (a 10+ in my opinion) not far behind.

Here are the 10 slams, listed in order of presentation:

1. Slides Carnival templates for Google slides

2. Voice typing built in to Google Docs, demo courtesy of +Eric Curts 

3. New templates for docs, spreadsheets, and slides

4. My Maps, demo courtesy of +Trevor Beck, on +Lee Webster's Google Demo Slam Session 23

5. +Alice Keeler for nitty-gritty Google Edu help

6. Google Classroom Updates

7. Shapes in Google Slides

8. Animations and Collages using Google Photos mobile app

9. Google's Answer Box

10. Data insights on a spreadsheet, using Explore

HERE is the slide deck, with active links and notes containing details, comments and some how-to's.

Enjoy, and feel free to share!