"Yes, Virginia, Libraries DO Twitter ... "

Sarah Milstein

So many libraries and librarians are using Twitter!

Sarah Milstein's article in InfoToday paints a bright picture of how libraries are using technology to better serve their patrons.

Twitter for Libraries (and Librarians)

I especially like the sidebar describing Twittiquette for Institutions -- excellent advice!

Here's a list of Libraries using Twitter, compiled by Lindy Brown and updated recently (thanks, Lindy).

I received a reply from Sarah to my tweet regarding her article, and here's her reply:  

"SarahM @ Thanks! I wrote that story a while back, but most of the tips (maybe all) all still very relevant."

Yes, Sarah, I will be able to use those tips. Thanks!

So, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus Libraries DO Twitter ...


P. S. You might want to ✓ out  The Twitter Book by Tim O'Reilly and Sarah Milstein

They're Selling iPads at Verizon!

I couldn't believe my eyes -- they're selling iPads at Verizon? Could iPhones be close behind?

I drove down the hill this evening with my grandson to get the Android X he wanted for Christmas, and came away with the Android, a new water-proof phone for my dad (he's hard on phones), cases for both, AND a wireless keyboard to go with my (actually the school's) iPad. The keyboard is my Christmas present to myself.

Yes, the prices for the iPad and accessories are exactly the same as at Apple. Neil, the super-nice salesman pictured above, pulled up the Apple Store screen to show me.

I'm waiting for the iPhone to come to Verizon, I told  Neil. Me and a lot of other people, I added. Neil's shrugged his shoulders and said he wouldn't know until two or three days before it actually happens, if it happens. 

So for now, mum's the word at the Kahului Verizon. But my hopes are definitely UP.

Thanks for the great service, Neil!


SEABURY READS reaction to "Three Little Pigs iPad App Presents Pop-Up Book Of the Future"

Photo courtesy of Huffington Post

Received a great response from Dr. Heather L. Wittenburg of babyshrink.com, who referred me to her March 25, 2010 article --

Dr. Heather notes that high-tech toys won't rot our children's brains unless we let them. She notes that it's all about balance and moderation -- very sound advice from an expert!

Thanks, Dr. Heather!


Harnessing Twitter as an Interactive Newspaper -- Paper.li for Teachers

2014 update to 2010 post on paper.li: 

Educators are using paper.li to share their Twitter content in a daily (twice-daily, or weekly) interactive newspaper. SmallRivers is the Swiss-based company that created paper.li.

Anyone can easily create (and delete) a paper, which could make for a transient experience. However, there are some Tweeters you can count on being there. And papers created from solid educational hashtags like #edchat and #edtechchat will always be around.

Paper.li content can come from a variety of sources:

The possibilities and purposes are endless.

Could paper.li be used in the classroom? Of course! Think a student newspaper, a compilation of student writing/multi-media projects, for starters ...

Here's a selected list of great education-related dailies already on paper.li:

I recommend that you subscribe to them, for most efficient use of your time.

Papers that curate hashtags:

paper.li/tag/artsed The artsed Daily (Arts Education)
paper.li/tag/cpchat The #cpchat Daily (Connected Principals)
paper.li/tag/edapp The #edapp Daily (Educational Apps)
paper.li/tag/edchat The #edchat Daily
paper.li/tag/edtech The #edtech Daily
paper.li/tag/education The #education Daily
paper.li/tag/elearning The #elearning Daily
paper.li/tag/elemchat (Elementary Ed)
paper.li/tag/engchat The #engchat Daily

paper.li/tag/gtchat The #gtchat Daily (Gifted and Talented Children)
paper.li/tag/globaled The #globaled Daily
paper.li/tag/lrnchat The #lrnchat Daily (similar to #edchat)
paper.li/tag/mathchat The #mathchat Daily
#midleved Daily (Middle School)
paper.li/tag/mlearning The #mlearning Daily (mobile)
paper.li/tag/musedchat The #musedchat Daily (music education)
paper.li/tag/ntchat The #ntchat Daily (New Teachers)
paper.li/tag/parenting The #parenting Daily
paper.li/tag/ptchat (Parent-Teacher)
paper.li/tag/science The #science Daily
paper.li/tag/socialmedia The #socialmedia Daily
paper.li/tag/sschat The #sschat Daily (Social Science)
paper.li/tag/scichat  The #scichat Daily (Science)
paper.li/tag/tlchat The #tlchat Daily (Teacher-Librarians)

Papers created by individuals:

The classroom-teachers Daily (Free Technology for Teachers author Richard Byrne's classroom-teachers Twitter list)
The Cool Cat Teacher Daily Tweetpaper Vicki Davis
http://paper.li/creativeedu The Creative Education Daily
http://paper.li/educationweek The Education Week Daily
http://paper.li/LitChat from litchat.net
The Steven W. Anderson Daily (Web20classroom author)

Want more? Find more papers or people at the paper.li newsstand.

YES, I did create two papers: 

The #GTANY Daily, which looks like a hashtag-created newspaper, but is instead a newspaper created from Danny Silva's public list of Google Teacher Academy New York attendees. I must keep up with what my compadres are up to!

And I just created The Teacher-Librarians Daily, from my public Twitter list of 435+ teacher-librarians that I continue to grow. I must check "the Twitter pulse of school librarians, daily." 

Harnessing Twitter with newspapers like paper.li

L☉☉K -- No Software! Animation Created Using Google Docs

This short Google Demo Slam clip shows what can be done in Google Docs. I'm so impressed!

I think some of our students would take off with Google Presentations.


QR Codes in the Classroom and the Library -- thanks Gwyneth!

Gwyneth Jones The Daring Librarian explains QR Codes and how they can be used in the classroom and library as she does with anything else: with PIZZAZZ!

HOT QR Codes in the Classroom & Library


COOL TECH Sighting in Our Library > Video X 3

Had to share this wonderful video of a person (me) taking a video of one of our students taking a video of a YouTube video.

The reason? -- portability of course.

The student's video was to be used to practice for a history project outside, and if you live on Maui where the weather is mild, outside is a much more desirable place to be!


A Quick Blog surrounding "A Class Divided"

Created this page for our history teacher to access the series "A Class Divided".

The nice thing about this simple set-up is that students can submit comments.

In fact, I set it up so that anyone can comment, but "Always Moderate" is my safety net.