MOVE IT! A Fun Chrome Extension to Help Fight the Unhealthy Effects of Sitting

No doubt about it. I am a Computer Sit-Down Slug, as mentioned in Why Sitting is Bad For You (even if you exercise).

I'll be spending more time in the garden this summer, and Move It will help me. It's a fun little Chrome Extension with random brain breaks and exercises that pop up on my screen, at intervals I choose. 

Learn about and install Move It here. There's also an iOS mobile app for 99¢ on iTunes here.

This exercise is super easy. 
(More of a brain break than an exercise.)

This exercise is the hardest I've encountered so far.

I've timed Move It to pop up at 30-minute intervals. 

And I've pinned this to my desk,
to remind me to take a break after I do each exercise .

Move It was created by PE Teacher Jarrod Robinson. Check out his video tour, which he did before the iOS version came out. 

Wouldn't Move It be fun for your students in the classroom, to get them active?

Hope you're enjoying your summer. 

Garden, here I come!